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Stutthof Concentration Camp visiting – REGULAR TOUR

Stutthof Concentration Camp, gdansk concentration camp

Stutthof Concentration Camp, the first and longest operating concentration camp in the Polish territory 

The moment the German Nazis invaded Poland, massive arrests of Poles in the Free City of Danzig started. Only in the first day of the war approx. 1500 people were arrested and put in Stutthof Concentration Camp

Stutthof was the place where 110 000 people were kept: men, women and children, citizens of 28 countries and over 30 nationalities.

Among them were also Poles, Jews, Russians, Ukrainians, White Russians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Czechs, Slovaks, Finns, Norwegians, French, Danes, Dutch, Belgs, Germans, Austrians, English, Spanish, Italians, Yugoslavs, Hungarians and Gypsies.

During the imprisonment they were exposed to a number of exterminating factors such as slave-like work, malnutrition, terrible sanitation, disease, mental and physical torture. 65 000 people died as a result of exterminating living conditions as well as of executions by shooting, hanging, murdering in gas chambers by means of Cyclone B, killing by means of phenol injections into the heart, beating and torturing, and during evacuation by land and by sea.

History that cannot be forgotten…




Our English speaking driver will pick you up from your hotel in comfortable Mini Bus with AC and take you to Sztutowo where former camp and now Stutthof Museum is located. 
In the museum you will visit for about 2 hours with English speaking Museum’s guide.

Stutthof Concentration Camp visiting:

  • Visit the old and new camp quarters 
  • See the commander’s villa
  • Go to the gas chambers, and crematorium and hear terrifying reports of mass murder
  • Pay your respects at the camp victims’ monument
  • Learn about the persecution and occupation of Pomerania
  • Discover the first Nazi concentration camp outside German territory

After visiting you will be taken back to your hotel by the same driver.


GdanskShuttle vs. Bus from Gdansk to Stutthof

Auschwitz & Birkenau TourYou can visit former concentration camp in Sztutowo during your stay in Gdansk, as it is located around 60 km from Gdansk. It will be more comfortable and less expensive to take an organized tour rather than use a bus or private tour from Gdansk to Stutthof Museum. 


GdanskShuttle offers a door-to-door service so you won’t need to search for Gdansk- Sztutowo Bus at the Bus Station and then look for a way to get to Stutthoff museum. You will be picked up directly from your hotel.
English-speaking guide in Stutthof Museum is included to the tour — you won’t need to buy any tickets on your own or hire private guide.
Finally, our Stutthof Tour includes also English-speaking driver assistance so you won’t need to worry about anything.
Groups are small and tour is operated by comfortable Mini Bus equipped with AC.

We’re also proud to announce that in 2014, 2015 & 2016 we were awarded by TripAdvisor users and we received our Certificate of Excellence!

In case of any doubts feel free to contact GdanskShuttle help desk which is available 24/7.




  • Eat your breakfast early, you will be picked up for the Tour between 8:00 and 9:00.

  • You can carry your umbrella, extra jumper or backpack with you, but please note that the maximum size of bags and backpacks allowed to carry on the Museum grounds is 30 x 20 x 10 cm — in case you won’t need it you can always leave it in the bus.

  • Wear comfortable shoes, it is a walking tour!

  • If it is cloudy and chilly bring extra jacket as it might be windy.

Duration: 4-5 hours


No extra fees! All included in the Price!

Door-to-door transportation (Free hotel Pickup)
English speaking guide
All admission fees and tickets


Please note that all times are approximate and depend on traffic.

Visiting the Stutthof Museum is not recommended for children under age of 13.

Minimum 2 people needed to organize the tour.